Kai Greentree

Sustainability Consultant

With an academic background in international project management with a focus on sustainability, I combine academically-backed sustainability insights with practical innovation. Sustainability can bring tremendous value to a company and unlock new business opportunities. The complex world demands from us to rethink 'business as usual' and make conscious decisions when it comes to managing people, planet, and prosperity. I will help to identify your opportunities and take an agile approach to innovate your business.

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17. 05. 2017

Bright Green Beginnings

Through a combination of voluntary work and travel through South-East Asia, I realized that access to opportunity, basic human rights, environmental safety, and wealth are not equally distributed and should not be taken for granted. It made me conscious of my privileges growing up and created a vision to make a positive change. Upon meeting incredibly bright individuals, I was first introduced to 'sustainability' and the complex challenges we have to solve.
2018 - 2022

Becoming a Project Manager

Through my bachelor's program in international project management with a focus on sustainability, I have had hands-on experience with sustainability projects in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. The diverse projects focused on poverty, inequality, change management, renewable energy, sustainable finance, remote work, and making sustainability part of a company’s mission.
2018 - 2022

Road to Sustainability Consultant

Given my academic background in sustainability project management, I was able to get experience in end-to-end innovation. From identifying the challenge to implementing and monitoring impact. Over the years, I have transitioned from a sole project manager to a combination of a sustainability consultant and a project manager. This allows me to consult on sustainability challenges while ensuring the solution is implemented.
2021 - Present

Greentree Sustainability

After four years of sustainability project management and developing as a sustainability consultant, it is time to support companies internationally to uncover and implement the opportunities of sustainability. Greentree Sustainability supports the process from identifying, to strategy development, to implementation, to monitoring and evaluation.

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