Project Management

Sustainable practices and solutions for your business and organisation.

In the initiation phase, we will define the project. We will sort out the project goals, scope, and resources of the project, and what roles are needed on the team. Clarifying what stakeholders expect out of the project, and what exactly the project is aiming to achieve.
In the planning phase, we will determine the steps to actually achieve the project goals - the ''how'' of completing the project. We will establish budgets, timelines, milestones, risk assessments, communication protocols, and source materials and necessary documents.
Executing a project means putting our plan into action and keeping the team on track. Generally this means tracking and measuring progress, managing quality, mitigating risk, managing the budget, and using data to inform decisions.
Monitoring & Evaluating
Monitoring and evaluating ensures that project results alsing with the management plan. We will use key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine if the project is on track and whether we achieved the project's objectives.

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