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How can I get a quote?

It is important to fully understand your needs and therefore, we first schedule a call to meet each other and identify which service would suit your question best.

How long do projects usually take?

The length of a project varies a lot. Project can take from one week up to several months depending on the complexity and most effective implementation time.

Do you offer transportation?

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What are the maximum number of participants for a training?

It depends on whether the training will be online or on-site. On-site we usually limit number between 20-25 and online we can host up to 100 participants.

Is it possible to come and support us on-site?

Yes. However, we want to ensure full commitment to all our clients. Therefore, on-site arrangements will be discussed during a call.

Do you offer interim services?

Yes. If we believe interim is the best solution for your request, we can offer interim services.

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